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Boat Found During Family Trip in Hellisvík, Árneshreppur

Updated: Jul 5

Guðrún Gunnsteinsdóttir reported a found Float Your Boat during low tide on the coast in Hellisvík, Árneshreppur, Iceland on June 21, 2024. She was on a beach trip with her sister, grandson, and her friend like they always do when they visit the country in the summer time.

This boat originated in Seattle, Washington at Eckstein Middle School. It was deployed by Le Commandant Charcot a French passenger ship at the North Pole on August 17, 2023 alongside an Arctic buoy.

Boat Number


Date Found

June, 21, 2024

Place Found

Hellisvík, Árneshreppur, Iceland 66°00′N/ 21°27′W

Found By

Guðrún Gunnsteinsdóttir 

Date Deployed

Who Deployed

​Le Commandant Charcot

Deployment Location

North Pole

Track Taken

North Atlantic Subpolar Gyre through Fram Strait


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