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Polar Educators Boat Request

Polar Educators* may submit a wooden boat request form at any time. Four times a year, the Float Your Boat organizers will confirm requests through email communication to educators. Depending on the quantity of available boats and submitted requests, the boats will be shipped out to polar educators.


Annual request deadlines are in mid to late August while supplies last within our program capacity. Annual announcement is made through email list available below. Then, within a month of the request deadlines, organizers will be in contact with the educator and let them know how many boats will be available for their group. 


Finally, educators will ship boats back to Float Your Boat organizers in addition to sending an email with a short summary about how they incorporated the boats into their teaching/outreach and at least 3 photos to be used for the Float Your Boat website. Completed decorated boats returned to the UW Polar Science Center by February 1 will be deployed during spring field season, and those returned by May 1 will be deployed during the summer field season. 


Float Your Boat organizers will work with each educator’s specific nuanced details through email and phone. There are no guarantees that all requests will be filled. Educators should anticipate 8-10 weeks necessary to receive wooden boats (as supplies are available).

Make Your Own Boats

Should there be more requests for wooden boats that are available, educators may consider making their own boats using our unique specifications using rough cut cedar 2x4 lumber and a jig or band saw. Indicate your interest in the form below. These boats will then be shipped to the UW Polar Science Center to be branded with the website and identifying number. Educators must complete the ‘Request Form’ and communicate with Float Your Boat organizers to get the simple template. 

Arctic teaching ideas can be found in the menu bar above: Teaching Tools.


*Polar Educators are formal and non-formal educators with polar expertise and experiences such as PolarTREC, Polar Educators International, and other polar focused outreach/education professionals. 

2023-24 School Year Update

We are no longer taking requests for boats for this school year as we have exceeded our capacity.

We will be announcing the boat request period in July 2024 for next school year. To receive the announcement, please sign up for the mailing list below. 

We are thrilled and excited to see so much interest in this program!

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