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90° North with Le Commandant Charcot Passenger Cruise

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

It was the Le Commandant Charcot passenger cruise icebreaker's third North Pole trip of the season (3 of 4) in mid August 2023. Some guests onboard had the opportunity to decorate their own wooden boat as well as sign the ice buoy before all were deployed. Many other boats decorated in 2022 by students, library patrons, and community members were also deployed along side the parent Iceball buoy.

Vessel name and call sign​

Le Commandant Charcot

Science campaign/Project name

Ponant Science

Scientist in charge of buoy program

LCC Science Officer (Daniel Cron)

Type of buoy deployed

Iceball buoy APL-UTAP-0045

Person responsible for on-ice wooden boat deployement

Martial Noize (Expedition Guide)

Deployment date and time (UTC)

18:00 UTC, 17th August 2023

Location of deployment (Lat/Long)

North Pole! (89°59,4504'N 085°51,4796'E)

How were boats deployed? (e.g. configuration)

In a rectangular shape on the sea ice with "90N" inside's inscription. Number "0" was made in a "heart shape"

Decorated Boats From These Organizations and Boat Numbers

  • 20644,-0706,-0763 from Aki Kurose Middle School, Seattle, Washington

  • 222047-222086 from University of Washington's School of Aquatic and Fisheries Science

  • 220051-220110 from Sandgerdisskoli, Iceland

  • 220169-220228 from West Leyden High School, Northlake, Illinois

  • 223104-223167 from Colorado, Wild Rose Education

  • Boats from Eckstein Middle School, Seattle, Washington

  • and boats decorated by cruise passengers


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