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Washington and Colorado Boats Set Out at North Pole

This was the fourth of four trips to the North Pole by the Le Commandant Charcot passenger icebreaker during the summer of 2023. Many boats from the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, Washington, Centennial Middle School in Colorado, and the School of Aquatic and Fisheries Science at University of Washington were depoloyed alongside two parent buoys on August 31, 2023. As this was the end of the Charcot's summer season, there were no remaining extra undecorated boats for guests to decorate, yet they did sign the Icball buoy 046.

Vessel name and call sign​

Le Commandant Charcot

Science campaign/Project name

Ponant Science

Scientist in charge of buoy program

LCC Science Officer (Daniel Cron)

Type of buoy deployed

APL-UTAP-046 & APL-UTAP-041*

Person responsible for on-ice wooden boat deployement

Daniel WU (Expedition Guide)

Deployment date and time (UTC)

16:00 UTC, 31th August 2023

Location of deployment (Lat/Long)

North Pole! (89°55,1576'N 089°19,1501'W)

How were boats deployed? (e.g. configuration)

On the sea ice with 2 buoys in a symbol of peace & bear

Decorated Boats From These Organizations and Boat Numbers

  • 232400-232485 and 232336-232399 Centennial Middle School, Boulder, Colorado

  • 232320-232324 and 220972-221018 Pacific Science Center, Seattle, Washington

  • 222001-222046 School of Aquatic and Fisheries Science at University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

* The magnet that turns the buoy 'on' to start making observations and sending data back to the master computer were not removed when deployed. So, we do not have exact data for this deployment.


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