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Hometown Science, Buoys, and Boats

Updated: Jun 26

Communities members in Carbondale, Colorado decorated wooden boats for Arctic deployment during the Hometown Science Cafe Series organized by the Aspen Science Center in late February 2023.

decorated wooden boats displayed on Arctic polar projection map
Wooden Boats ready for Arctic deployment decorated at the Aspen Science Center

Polar Educator, Sarah R. Johnson of Wild Rose Education was invited to share her engaging interactive Real-Time Science: Observing Arctic Weather and Sea Ice program complete with inviting and encouraged everyone (mostly all adults) to send a customized boat north to drift alongside a parent Arctic buoy with the Float Your Boat program.

The decorated boats were labeled with unique serial numbers and then shipped to the Float Your Boat headquarters at the University of Washington in Seattle to be permanently branded with their number and the words.

They will be deployed during the first week of April 2023 on the sea ice off the coast of Utqiaġvik, Alaska during the spring International Arctic Buoy Programme's annual buoy deployment.


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