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15th Boat of 500 Deployed Found on Norwegian Coast

Boat number 5281 was found at low tide on the central coast of Norway in Ingøy on May 10, 2024. This is a very special place located at 71º N known for its resource-rich fishing banks and offers extreme nature experiences. Ingøy is also known for the Fruholmen lighthouse, the world’s northernmost lighthouse station which was manned until 2007. There is a bustling wildlife with over 150 registered birds, of which 60 nest there.

This was the 15th boat of the 500 that were sent to the North Pole from VilVite, Bergen Science Centre. This boat was decorated by one of the science museum's weekend guests, an 8 year old girl at the time. And, she is the cousin on the girl who decorated boat 5046 (9 year old girl) that was found last year!

During 2022 Float Your Boat collaborated with VilVite, a science museum in Bergen, Norway. VilVite cut and branded hundreds of wooden boats and had them decorated in various learning programs. This boat was deployed along side its parent Arctic buoy by Le Commandant Charcot at the North Pole in summer 2022. Since May of 2023, there have now been have been 15 boats found from that deployment.

Date Found


Place Found

Ingøy, Laukholmen, Norway, E 24.1443, N 71.07331

Found By

Ann Synnøve Hansen 

Date Deployed

July/August 2022

Who Deployed

​Le Commandant Charcot

Deployment Location

North Pole

Track Taken

​North Atlantic Subpolar Gyre


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