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New Jersey Students Float Their Way to the North Pole

Submitted by Danielle Buggé, Physics and AP Environmental Science Teacher, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South

This year, over 100 High School South environmental science students participated in the Float Your Boat Arctic buoy outreach project to study the rapidly changing arctic climate. This is the second year students participated in the project. As southern pirates, they were very excited to learn how far north our boats would be deployed.

Over the course of the second half of the school year, our classes took deep dives into the Arctic region, learning about albedo, convection currents, and positive feedback loops whose effects have an impact not only on the arctic region, but also other areas of our planet (including New Jersey!). Throughout all of this, we incorporated polar current events. When it came time to decorate our boats, the students understood why they were being deployed near the North Pole as well as what scientists hope to learn from the new buoys. We are excited to learn where our boats travel in the Arctic post-deployment!


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