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Northeastern Wisconsin Middle Schoolers Float Their Boats

Submitted by Kelly Koller, teacher at Bay View Middle School,

Written by Students Olivia Schiller, Sophia Podlasik, and Quill Romanski

On Thursday, April 18, 2024 our house at Bay View Middle school in Northeastern Wisconsin started the Float Your Boat project. We learned about what the Float Your Boat program is and how it helps conduct scientific research.

Bay of Bengal students at Bay View Middle School learn about Float Your Boat

This research helps learn about the ice movement at the North Pole and how the current moves. From our science classes we know that ocean currents affect weather all over the world, even in our home state of Wisconsin. After we learned about the program, we separated into groups to design and paint our boats. Each boat had a unique design some representing Bay View and the U.S, some representing the group of students or other themes. The boat will be sent to the real North Pole. They will be sent out with a buoy that is tracked by scientists. Hopefully the boats will wash ashore, and someone will find and report them to the Float Your Boat website with the serial number burned into the boat.

We used numerous Howard-Suamico School District (HSSD) Graduate Profile skills while participating in this project, including communicator and collaborator. 

Bay View students worked in groups of three or four to collaborate on a design.

While in our groups, we communicated when we had to talk with each other and share our ideas about how the boat should look. Some designs were Spider-Man, camouflage, animals, monsters, and even more! Another skill we used was collaborator, which goes along with how we communicated while discussing a boat design. We also learned that the data from the Float Your Boat program is used to help with research and we will be able to track the buoy next year. This helps us develop the HSSD Graduate Profile trait of critical thinkers because we are involved in looking for patterns with the data that we can view. We are looking forward to watching the data next year! 


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