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A Polar Adventure: Hazel Park Students' Arctic Exploration with Float Your Boat

Updated: Apr 16

submitted by Mrs. Tracy Passantino at Hazel Park/Hilda Knoff Elementary, Hazel Park Louisiana

Hazel park students with Float Your Boat Arctic

At Hazel Park School, the recent Arctic exploration project took an exciting turn as students not only delved into the culture and history of Arctic locations but also had the opportunity to decorate wooden boats, generously provided by Float Your Boat. These boats, adorned with the students' artistic expressions, will be sent on an extraordinary journey as scientists deposit them on the ice in the Arctic Circle. As the ice melts, the boats will follow ocean currents, and through unique markings, the school will be notified when these miniature vessels are discovered. This innovative collaboration adds a dynamic and real-world aspect to the students' learning experience, turning their project into a global exploration.

Exploring the Arctic

The Arctic exploration project at Hazel Park School didn't just stop at classroom learning. Thanks to Float Your Boat the students were able to translate their newfound knowledge into a tangible and impactful adventure. The Arctic Circle became more than just a location on a map; it became a living, breathing connection to the world beyond their classrooms.

Studying Culture and History

Immersed in the rich culture and history of Arctic communities, Hazel Park students not only absorbed information from research but engaged in a hands-on experience that brought the Arctic to life. The wooden boats provided by Float Your Boat became a canvas for the students to express their understanding and appreciation for the unique characteristics of the regions they explored.

The collaboration with Float Your Boat and the collective effort led by Mrs. Passantino has turned a classroom project into a global adventure, leaving a lasting impact on the students and fostering a sense of environmental stewardship that will resonate far beyond the walls of Hazel Park School.


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